Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Time.

My oh my, It's been more than a week, I haven't updated you?
Sorry unknown readers of my holy non-exciting blog :). All apologizes.

Well, I hope you were all fine and not as clumsy and dumb and destructive as I was. And I can go on criticizing myself .
Okay, So my life is getting a bit smoother, not because I am happy or anything okay? Just that I'm taking things too lightly, even though I shouldn't, But I am.
And I think its working, I'm happier. :)
So many people are lost all over again. It's irritating and I get all frustrated when I don't get to talk to those people who I tell everything to. Ugh. It's sad.

Leaving that, I'm certainly not liking a lot of stuff happening around me. And that is exactly the reason why I'm writing my blog at exactly 3:40 am.
I know a lot must have happened during my absence here. I did not update you on anything.
I'm sorry again but anyway how does it even matter. So big deal.
Sadly, My freaking brain is out of reach like my useless cell phone right now,That didn't make sense but whatever.
I can't think right you know, It's like the hardest thing to do these days. Don't you just pity me?
If you don't, I sure do.

I hate the fact that I'm sixteen, Everyone thinks I'm a Kid. [I'm not].
I want to be 18, Start partying on my own will, starting to get all brainy and shit but I still have TWO long ugly years before that :(

Currently I want a new mobile phone, Cause at the moment I'm using this ghatia Black and white Nokia phone. Wow :)

Dear God or who so ever thinks he's given birth to mankind,

Again, WHY?

okay so forget the cute lil child part :P

Anyhoo, Don't you just regret somethings so much that you totally WANT to erase it and redo everything you did wrong?
That's what I want to do, Like a small baby I want to have more candies even after I eat them up and they're finished, gone and completely Digested. :(

Wish it could happen? YES.
I don't want to write this but, There is something I want to tell someone but I don't know if it would really matter, and I'm dead sure things wont fall back to where they were, But I would give it a shot though.

Here goes, [ Exclusively for Siddhant Kalra, Who i guess would never read My blog ever again]

I know I was a total Reatrd. I shouldn't have ever let me hurt you in any way.
You surely don't deserve all my Bull shit. But you were a great friend and you managed to some how understand my stupid, Pathetic behaviour which most of the people cannot do. You did wonders in my life even though I pushed you away in a short time. This is like total Bull crap for you but I really mean it. I know you can't heal the hurt someone causes you at a point of time, But apologizes is all I have. I don't want to die with the regret that I lost a friend in you for my own selfishness. I agree I'm a bad person to you now, even if you disagree to it, But I'm being true this time and asking for forgiveness. It's alright if you don't forgive, maybe you would forget. I take all the things people have to say about me, And how I did a big mistake and all that, I tell them I don't care and shit, But honestly I bloody well do.
I know saying this will be as good as food without salt, But you were actually one of the sweetest people I've came across . I mean which guy would talk to you on the phone for hours when you're totally upset, And you want something to cheer you up? HE HAS THE RIGHT MOVE.
This guy came at 10 pm at night just to give me chocolates and goodies just to cheer me up. He came just to have a small little walk with me just to ensure I smile again.
Please abuse the shit out of me?
No man, I'm not so mean. I'm SO TOTALLY MEAN. I Hate myself.
Oh, and which guy would leave all his friends at a Diwali mela just to drop me and find me a way to go back home, while all his friends are enjoying back there? He would.
I am simply, without any doubt, A bitch.
You are a Human Siddhant, You are a perfect human being.
I've always come across Aliens. Not all but so many of them. And I always commit mistakes again and again. It's my habit you know, Losing someone I can't breadth without?
Now that you don't talk to me, Nor Do I, I realized I'm nothing without your affection. No one can ever be like you were to me. I guess I have to gulp it down. Cause it's never coming back.
Just be happy and seriously girls like me don't deserve all your affection. You've got to belong somewhere special. I'm just like an old sock. :) And I miss you terribly And your hugs. Jesus. :(

Love you anyway.

Well, here I come, to the END of my long long week. Update you later about other stuff. That's all I could think of in the middle of the night , err, Or should I be saying morning?

Later. Useless I am. I know.

Goodbye. I bet you all are sleeping away to glory , And look at me, AN OWL for sure.


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  1. Thats really sweet what u wrote for siddhant.. :)
    And glad that u dun care about pointless things..and that you're happier! :)