Sunday, October 11, 2009


OH! shit, shit. Did i ever mention i got my nose pierced?
Yes, i did. :)
Like three days back i forgot to update you on that, tsk tsk.
So it didn't hurt even a bit, the whole time i was holding Amrita's hand. HAHA. I'm freaky scared of needles and shit and wires too ;]
The guy who actually pierced my nose was fed up of me moving away everytime he tried to put the silver wire through my nose. =\
I now feel so nice when it is finally done. And suprisingly it looks good on me.
I had a fight with some friends too. And i was actually supposed to go to def. col today.
For a movie. I did not, cause of my grand dad. Fml.
Tomorrow i have school, SCHOOL. Freaking chutiya school.
I can't possibly go there, i just can't. No way. I just wish no one wakes me up or i would want the day to start from 12 pm , noon. How fucking epic that would be.

later tonight.

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