Thursday, October 15, 2009

When the clock strikes happiness.

Forgive me if i sound too excited or happy or overwhelmed About anything here.

Today was Happy, amazingly i managed to laugh a lot throughout the day. Keeping in mind how piled up things are.

So like the movie was a Boo. But fun in the end. Strolling on the street's with your Best Friend is always fun.
And so is talking to Kohli about every single thing, He likes it when i chatter like a typical girl, you're so cool. :)

And so Behold, I met The guy as well, not for too long though. Like i would describe it to be, Short and sweet. :)
He is amazingly Handsome. Haha I'm sure he wouldn't like that, Or would he ? o_O
Okayy Fine, He's like a charm to look at.
I admit , I didn't like Singh calling me up to leave him and go. I was wearing my Red converse today, Yeah They don't fit me right, They're size 6, Whereas my feet measure 4 in reality.
Tiny, I know. I can't help it.
My dear phone is insanely broken, It looks like a Bloody scrapped piece of some martial , i don't know.

The bench, <3
No, I am not Cheesy.
But i would like to be sometimes. haha I'm good.
For once i didn't think about somethnig I usually think of in situations like this.
I'm talking way too much, I shouldn't. I barely know things before they could even happen.
I'm giving away a straight face.
I may have hurt poeple a couple of times this week, And I'm extreamely sorry for that, I know it wouldn't work as of yet.

Bleh, I feel happy for some reason, I shouldn't. But it's happening. It can't be that bad.

I'm in a complete mood today.

Hoping to see better day's ahead of me.

So long readers.

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