Thursday, October 8, 2009


Another new day. Another new way of seeing things.
The last two days have been weird in some or the other way, even though i enjoyed running away from home and bruitaly torturing myself by watching a very pathetic movie, It made me feel like i ate shit balls. That's how horrible it was. Im not writting it here, or else my blog will rott.
So. Hmm. No school as yet. And Dad and Mum getting too worried about me.
They shouldn't though, I'm a cracked up kid.
Yesterday was chilly, Shourya and I fought. Haha Sorry brother you know how well we know each other. :)
And I am extremely sorry for saying all that what i did. You know you are the best and forever will be, Even after your stupid college.
College is pathetic, People leave everything and just go. I mean they just freaking leave.
It upsets me.
And Shourya do you think you can get rid of me so easily. hole. You cannot:)
Life is sour at the moment, nothing really so colourfull.
Home is like prison, School is something that i don't want to go, it is like a damn asylum for me.
Not that I am too perfect for school , I just think people are too weird and the fact that my school has freaking PANTS for girls in winters.
I mean What the fuck were the athourities thinking? Don't they know how to differentciate between genders? Dude.WEIRD.
Well School is a total No- no for me right now:p
Im not eating anything, so i'm loosing weight yeah totaly nothing you should be interested in.

So why do people need psychologist's? They just screw your life up even more.
yea talk about late reactions, i realized that after i screwed myself up even more, when i thought my life would be pathetically more easy.. But noo, problems follow you everywhere.
Everywhere. Simple is nothing. And impossible is almost everything. Humans are becoming weird-er than i thought. Taking myself for example.
I'm gonna go runn now cause im too tierd of this shit.


  1. Don't talk like this. It's the 6th best school in Noida. Haha! Show them some respect.