Saturday, October 10, 2009


Alrighty, So today was fun. Yeah shocking.
Was out all day, Faught with my dad cause of my clothes again, Yea it IS fucking irritating. :(
I sometimes wish i were a boy. It is damn difficult to be a girl,sometimes.
I went to all the three infamous malls here, found all of them full. There was no place for us to eat, not even in Yo! china, Gaah!
It was pretty fucked up cause i didn't want to walk like i was walking for a cause.
Then Amrita and I finally found a place to eat were people were straing at us like angry bulls. It seemed as if they were gonna either rape us or eat us up.
We ate, And left for a stroll again.
I mean walking for us is the easiest and cheapest way of reaching places. Even though we are simply in the habbit of catching rickshaws and singing all the way abusing poeple :).
My evening today was quite intresting. Okay maybe not that much.
Haha. We went to a freaking diwali mela. I think my brain is refusing to work.
I tortured myself AND my best friend :) I know, how sweet of me.
And intersting news, I finally saw this really hot-shot guy at the Mela today. :) Felt like a fresh breeze through my soul :)
Someone better than him for sure.
I'm hungry,gonna go hog now.


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  1. You're the fastest post karne waali ever.
    Haha! UP ke log.