Friday, October 9, 2009


Yes him. I'm gonna talk about someone living on this planet who seems not to care about what so ever i write about him so why shouldn't I?
And for the people who might just get angry with me after they see this, I'm sorry but even you are clinged to something like this, like me.
So, Even though i see truth, he would not understand what he put me through.
For him it was like a really simple job to do, like making yourself maggi. A two mintute fucking decission.
How hard would it have been?
Balls to you for making me so happy. And now you can never do that,never.
Call me anything. Stupid ass. Immature. I don't freaking care about it now.
I'v heard you enough and now its time you hear me out.
And i know i am not immature , maybe you're just too mature for my understanding.
People arn't tissue to use. Specialy when you give then your word, that you'll stay.
Are you for real? Who were you? Too many questions and none can be answered.
You won't. You don't want to. I'm too immature for it right? I need to grow up a little? Bullshit.
you're just being weird,not me.
Not even someone's enemy would be so god damn heartless.Jesus! You changed how i feel about people. I compair EVERY single soul who i see, to you. Do you see how you've distroyed my brain? It doesn't work the right way now. And I wont say i'm not blaming you, I am. Totaly blaming you.
I can't face anything. You've made me cut down on all my happiness. I never let anything that makes me too happy come my way. Cause i don't want it to redo.
You can't undo it. Apologising is restricted. I know you'd never do that either.

But, I don't love you, I loved a friend in you. And it's not my fault my creator sent me on earth with a fucked up luck, that i came across someone who would make me understand how happy I can be.
I don't have that friend anymore, niether do I have you.
I can't see you, Talk to you. But something still makes me feel, you WILL realize one day what a petty thing you did. And i might just forgive you, No matter how fucking hard it will be.
But i will, i know myself.

i love you D.


  1. Poor boy. Tssk tssk.
    This is way too good for a fresher blog, really.
    And don't stop posting at the speed of light.