Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time's sucha mean machine.

New Year Resolution, New Year Resolution.


Okay so I'll talk a little more about myself here again, So like all of the whole world knows, The year is coming to an End just like all the other gone years have, This ones going too.
And to be very very honest, It hasn't really bin a pleasure living so outsourced.
But anyway, Time is like never ending, OMG, I just discovered something really PERMANENT. TIME. Weee, Time, Yes Time, Tum bure ho. You are unstoppable, untouchable.

So, Here I go. And I'm not really sure I'm gonna stick to my resolution's.
But, Yes I shall try my best.

One, Touch something known as Books. Its almost bin years since I've bin in contact with them. ( haha I feel like such an Idiot).
Two, Become little more sensible, Or should i say, I really have to start working on my Brain a bit.
Three, STOP SMOKING so much. I mean i never used to till this year ended. Three packets in a month, Wooh!, M I really THAT addicted to A god damn life destroyer?
Four, Its bin three months now, And there's STILL no sign of you, Where are you dead? Not that i care, But its just that you're still so much in the air. I mean NOW if i see you anywhere, Its gonna be like lightning striking the shit out of me. That would hurt so much more then.
Where ever you are, I mean it, WHERE EVER , I want you to be the happiest. And i want you to be perfect. And Have a Very happy new year. We're Oceans away but that's not too far away. I really Need to Move on. So im gonna be Stronger. And just DO IT.
Five, I have to go to gym, eating SO much is going to get me, I WILL have fat on my body,loads of it,soon. hahah
Six. The whole thing is that ke "Bhaiya Sabse Badda Rupiya" Haha I just felt like saying that because im so broke :( So will have to make my parents happy enough to grant me lots of pocket money.
Seven, I have to STOP believing in people too. I get too involved. I have to Stop. And not look at Boys and say " Hes so Cute" and later go on talking about him.
I have to FIND another you.
Eight, Start with my Book Writing. Yes! very Weird, But Ya I want to write a book, And I am going to, That will be like the wisest thing i would do for myself.

AND NOW Im going, I had to satisfy myself in letting my feelings out here, Cause My blog is my Best friend :) . HAHAHA. I'm totally so Weird.

p.s - The Window Is Still Open, You.

Once again, A very happy new year, not so much for me though. But Sure I shall think positively.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

09 Goodbye.

Its bin SO long I haven't opened my Blog myself. I just got very distracted and every time i opened the link to my blog, I would just get disgusted about something and NOT write a thing.

Well, So I'm here once again to bug you all.

Dear Readers,

The Year is coming to an End. 365 days gone by. Many very unexpected events, So many weird things, Things Lost, Things Found, Realizations, Mistakes, Insecurity, Fights, obsessions, Habits, Feeling sad, feeling lonely, Trust, feeling Strong, responsible, greed, selflessness,desire, wants, and SO SO SO much more. Like a Whole bloody package of Life.
Now i realized how much you should respect someone who's elder to you , because anyway you can't deny the fact that they DO know much better than you do, They've bin through every day you've though was the worst, The Best,or be it anything. You feel it now, And They'll just understand. You'll just be too stupid if you think they wont understand you.

Anyway that's besides the point.
No, I wouldn't say i want time to stop here and all that, because stuff isn't that great anyway, And yes Time is only here to travel and NOT wait for us. Anyway nothing is permanent, Not even permanent hair straightening :(

Sounds so Cruel. Like not-so-permanent-happiness. We are not permanent ourselves. We are here just to get worn out.
It really is a funny thing. Less time and so much to cope with. Really not so satisfying.
I still don't have any clue where m i gonna go this year to have a happy ending to this year.

Its finally ending, Phew. Time Really flies, Really fast.
And Things really really really really drastically change. You just start thinking the other way you know.
Once you want to give up and STILL you want to hang on. And hold on for so long.
Its just devastating. It takes your every breath away.

Anyway, I'm pretty fine yea.
Before This year ends , I would just want to make some people a part of my Post because they've all made it possible to make 2009 just about Something.
Shourya, You Rascal. Yes, Everybody Loves you.
Amrita, Tu sahi hai.
Tanmayesh, My weird named, Really COOL Best friend.
Natahsa, Where are you lost? I would really LOVE to talk to you :@
Anant- Who thinks I dont care, But yes I really Do. ( Kuttappa ) :P
Anirudh, Mera Pagla Bhai.
Bharat, A VERY BIG support in the days when i really needed A TEDDY BEAR. Thanks So much.

I dont know im so bored of thiss, Blaah

I love you yea and all that bullshit.

Wishing you ALL a very Happy new year, And I hope everyone gets there own part of happiness and ofcourse, Love.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I seee mee happy.

Dear Readers.

Two more days and I'm back to Noida. Back to my flat, Back to my room with yellow lights :P,
Back to my teddy Bears, ( I miss ) =( Specially, You Pookey.
Back to My Friends, Yay.
Acha Anyway, Its fun here, Even though I'm getting kinda home sick these days.
But still its pretty Good. I feel like going back and I feel like not going back. :/

I'm Over the fact he really isn't interested anymore, So i'm leaving it now. Be happy YOU ruiner :)
I miss being with Amrita in the evenings, and First thing I do when I get back to Noida is, EAT MOMO's. ♥
I went for "Rocket Singh" yesterday, It sucked. I didn't like it.
But I stil LOOOVE the Song.
Its something you can get Addicted to, Something really nice to sing in the Bathroom :)
Okay i'm not gonna start singing now, maybe I will :p
I Love Pune though, Thanks to all my Cousins.
Nivedita, Devyani,Shweta and also Nikhil ( WE HAVE TO GO TO SHEESHA :P )
You're all just so Nice.

Shourya, Start spending some money on me, You're gonna be so rich when you become an Advocate :(
Common, Please? :) I miss you.
Now days Anirudh is kinda giving me the hints that he's either gonna gift me an Apso or he's just fooling around :P Pleaseee get me one :D I love you. haha, Okay really now. I promise to replace the dog with Chottu. :)

So like, I made a new friend. A very sweet one though.
Kabir Chugh. He is mean to me just so that i get irriated and start messing around with him, Right? :S
Anyway, You're nice. And also because you've got me the Pink Cover I wanted for my Corby. :)
So I think you'll have to wait for me to come back to give you , The Mouse, Cotton Candy,And Three Hugs. :O
Fucker, k.

Okay show's over.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Well Can You Impersonate ? Quite well? Then YES, I Pitty you.

Well first I'd like to start with my day today.
It was the Indian Wedding Today. I wore a Chudidaar and Juties. It was nice, I attended a Marrige after So long. My sister got Married to a Firangy. haha So she's happy I guess. It got a little annoying in between when We didn't get food till the South Indian Lunch was served.
Was really tierd, So came back and Slept, a Lot :D

So This evening, I was just going through something, Well that something I go through very often.
I'm aware about a lot of things here, So, It wont be a Shock to anyone in person.
So, She actually, COPIED this whole thing I do.

Mind It, Blogging is something you keep to yourself, or to your friends who like to know whats actually going on in your life.
It isn't somthing you should Flaunt about to everybody. If you can write well, Everyone will Figure that out anyway.
How can YOU go on Impersonate and for a matter of fact, Copy what someone else notes down in THEIR Blog ?
I mean, Tell me the purpose? It Doesn't make you any cooler or intelligent, That is if you're a Big time Poser and you like copying and telling people about how Cool you are and so forth.

If you think thats going to work on people, Then Well, I have News for you,
It doesn't. Because sooner or later people DO get to know what you really are.
So Please, Please, Its a BIG request, STOP IMPERSONATING.
And as a fellow Blogger, I would never write someone else's needs, and experienced and emotions on my Posts.
Because I have my own to write, And YOU should certainly STOP doing it further.
Cause Everything has a proof, And also one more thing, Just don't read someone's Blog and get carried away. I'm sure if you're capable enough to have time to blog, Might as well make your own magic.
Because I'm Not liking it at all, And I'm very well aware you're reading this TOO right now and having that Gutt-breaking feeling right now.
STOP IT, Really.
I don't know you, So don't think I wouldn't know.
It Isn't that difficult to be yourself. So Please, Once again. Because I hope you don't want people to curse you every now and then. Do you?
Cause i will certain do that for sure, Theres no other way to take out all the frustration.
And I know YOU know that I know , Who You Are and I'm sure you know all about me.
Nothing Personal though, But just a request.

I don't Care to hoots WHAT you do and WHAT you copy, Just know one thing, I don't like you for what you have been doing.
And I know that doesn't bother you , I have my personal reasons for that too.
Thanks And I'm Looking forward to read you Blog.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Update, Update, .


So, I'm Just going to start okay.
Yesterday, Was amazing Fun. Pune is Proving to be a blast, All my cousins and I are having the best time ever.
It was my Cousin sisters Wedding yesterday. It was something I would remember. All Of us dressed up our best and went to gather in everyone's happiness.
I don't have the perfect words to describe how well the whole event went.
She, The Bride look So Beautiful in that White wedding gown. Her Hair tied back up and that wonderfull moment while she walked down the Isle.
It was So Amazing. Very hard to imagine what it meant to her.
So Anyway, I wore A purple Dress. haha, And My first ever Black Stilatoes, I looked Bloody 5 8' . I had to walk so much , haha But I loved every second of it. I felt so grown Up. haha

Anyway, Leaving that, As the sun started to set, some of us went back home, I decided to go to my cousins Place.
Three of Us had our fun, Clicked lots of Pictures, Laughed, Talked about everthing going on, All those silly little talk about the guys you're running after and how it wasn't worth it. Haha It was great Fun Indeed. Having So much fun , I Missed all of my Friends back there in Noida.
Especially some. I can't wait to get back and give them their Gifts and packs of hugs.
So like in the evening there was this party, Like a Dance party.
After the Wedding. It was unbelievable how all of us Danced Six hours without a Break, Without food, Just Dancing like mad people.
We danced on Good and pathetic tracks. But Jesus, How much I danced ya.
The best and weirdest part was, My brother, HE DANCED. For like so many hours too, With everyone! I was all shocked and all.
We are all royally enjoying. Nivedita ( my cousin) We sneaked in some Vodka too :D
And as it is my brother was too Drunk to even notice that i was sharing and Finishing his drinks side by side . haha. It was GREAT.


I know I might sound too Girly right now, BUT I WANT TO WATCH NEW MOON. :P
Like really. Really. Not that I'm a fan or something, It's just bin too long since i'v watched a Nice, interesting movie. And Oh! And I surely want to watch Rocket Singh :D

Pocket Mein Rocket Hai, Pocket Mein, And I can Go on.
Today is Wangos Birthday, And I miss him so Much, That Brat. He was so Small when we got him, So Tiny and So Innocent. Salla Badda ho gaya ab. :(
Happy Birthday ,Wangy. I'm Getting you Dog buiscits From here.♥
Right now I can smell the tasty wiff of the chicken that is being prepaired in the kitchen.
Can't wait to grab some, And hog a little.

I surely don't want to go back for some reasons, I'm Liking it here.
The guys aint that cute here though, They're all like Normal. haha As if that matters.
Even though there were some in the Party, But they were my COUSINS. HAHA. How cheap.

So, Im gonna go, Hop.

Bye And Later.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Okay So, Here.

Dear Reader.
Currently I'm in Pune. Not really having a Ball though, But yes, Its a Great time off. And I'm sure its gonna be a blast with my cousins out here.
Okay So, The Best part bout Pune is, Everything is SO cheap. Like at someplaces.
I'm like a big fan of Chappals and all those pretty things girls want All the time, And Never get bored of Buying the same things again and again.
So that concludes, I'm gonna Shop a lot. :)
Hmm, So Things have bin Okay, As of Yet. They got a lot out of Track though, But I guess I'm Dealing with them quite fine. Haha, Very Surprising it is.

Shourya And I have been Having a lot of serious conversations. But at the End Our love is the best i'v got. And that is exactly the reason I tend to mention him in all my posts.
Cause he's the Most Important human to me.
Okay. So,

I was Hit with a news that made me feel like a twisted fork, Today.
I know One day when I'm Older and A mature person , I would look back, read all of this and Laugh at myself.

Yea so , He Likes someone else. After all he said to me about not wanting to be with anyone for a long time. He wants to.
He is going to ask her out , soon.
And when That soon comes, I would have to stop all of this waiting I'm doing.
All of the Dreams I have bin having all these nights. All of these notions and promises I have been making to myself, Just to believe , One day He has to come back.
But he's just making it Harder with every step I take forward, He's like almost Killing me with The Bloody Silence.

Well, I thought you would have some sense in you.
Actually you do, Maybe that is why you chose to run away.
You are Stupid, Very Stupid. But it will surely come back to you again Love.
It will. It's not a Curse.But I know How it does.
I Liked a lot of people in my life, But Everyone learns from Disasters. I made one Disaster, So I thought I just might help recover myself, And You.
It isn't my fault if you're being so Stupid. I'm not gonna be alive for a 100 years. Niether will you.
If you think thats gonna happen, And If you think You're immortal or something, Go ahead, And realise when you're like 99. I'll Still be here though. But I might just be ruthless again.
But just so You know, I have Many to love, And many to give Love Back to me But you're just loosing a lot , Not Me. A Lot of Love.
And Everyone Loves to be loved.
( Okay, Its getting real Mushy now)
I still Love you, And Like you said, " It will Die down", Well Here, Balls To You!
It's Never Gonna Die down.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


I would have Blogged earlier but Didn't really feel like so yea.:P

So this Best Friend of mine has started his Own Blog too,And I'm very Happy he has. Now I would be able to raid his life even more now :P
If I find anything that I don't know about him in his Blog, I would certainly Murder him :) <3

Here's the Link to his Uncertain Life.
I Love You. :)

So Yea where was I? How dumb am I , Two bloody days to go and I head to Puna. My grandparents Place, My Grand dad thinks I'm very Spoilt. He never lets me use the internet untill I scream and go out of the room, totally furious and Pissed Off.

Right now I'm listening to Incubus. They're way beyond great. "Nice to know you", So totally connects to my situation. But waaateverr it iss.
I had a Great Day with Amrita on 2nd. It was her Happy to you. It was Happy indeed. We went to the Movies in the Morning, Then to Def Col and then to Khan , Our favorite place, China Fare. We Love Chinese. So yea, We ate Chilly Prawns, They were So totally Yum :) Well I'm still Uncertain About staying there in Puna. I don't want to even though its very tempting and i REALLY need to go there.
There's no looking back. Talking about staying , I will if I have to. Shourya's Mom got me stuff from the US :D ThankYOUU Auntyyy :)

I would Like to List what all I want to do,or rather need, like really.

- Click weird Pictures with Shourya.
-Make Amrita try Hookah, She's 17 now for god's sake.
-BUY stuff.
-Talk to you, Yes you. you you you there ,talking to a girl till 2 in the morning, who's four years younger to you.
-Eat and Eat and Eat.
-APSO. Awwww They're So Cute.
-80 Gb I pod. ( HAHAHAHH Yea Right )
- Kick some one's Ass REAL hard. I will. I will.
- Money Baby.
-Learn how to Drive. ( Yes! My tiny feet DO reach the accelerator, the clutch and the break. )
- Hug D.
-Meet Natasha JAIN. Ugh. You. Gandi ladki.
-Trouble Anant Gupta :D ( Chidiyaa)
-Ganja With Anirudh -
and More Pictures with More people.-
Thank Yash for making me feel better all the time.
-Meet Tanmayesh, Get him to Noida and make him stay here, and ofcourse then Change his name.
So, The list doesn't end Yet,I'm just too bloody tired to write more, I know all of this was VERY senseless but my Blog is my New best Friend. Haha. Note: I Love You ,YES! YOU. Still. You Have all my time.