Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I seee mee happy.

Dear Readers.

Two more days and I'm back to Noida. Back to my flat, Back to my room with yellow lights :P,
Back to my teddy Bears, ( I miss ) =( Specially, You Pookey.
Back to My Friends, Yay.
Acha Anyway, Its fun here, Even though I'm getting kinda home sick these days.
But still its pretty Good. I feel like going back and I feel like not going back. :/

I'm Over the fact he really isn't interested anymore, So i'm leaving it now. Be happy YOU ruiner :)
I miss being with Amrita in the evenings, and First thing I do when I get back to Noida is, EAT MOMO's. ♥
I went for "Rocket Singh" yesterday, It sucked. I didn't like it.
But I stil LOOOVE the Song.
Its something you can get Addicted to, Something really nice to sing in the Bathroom :)
Okay i'm not gonna start singing now, maybe I will :p
I Love Pune though, Thanks to all my Cousins.
Nivedita, Devyani,Shweta and also Nikhil ( WE HAVE TO GO TO SHEESHA :P )
You're all just so Nice.

Shourya, Start spending some money on me, You're gonna be so rich when you become an Advocate :(
Common, Please? :) I miss you.
Now days Anirudh is kinda giving me the hints that he's either gonna gift me an Apso or he's just fooling around :P Pleaseee get me one :D I love you. haha, Okay really now. I promise to replace the dog with Chottu. :)

So like, I made a new friend. A very sweet one though.
Kabir Chugh. He is mean to me just so that i get irriated and start messing around with him, Right? :S
Anyway, You're nice. And also because you've got me the Pink Cover I wanted for my Corby. :)
So I think you'll have to wait for me to come back to give you , The Mouse, Cotton Candy,And Three Hugs. :O
Fucker, k.

Okay show's over.



  1. Yaar sunn
    Ek kaam tha!!!
    Bhunda mara hahaha
    And I will spend on you
    Done deal