Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Well Can You Impersonate ? Quite well? Then YES, I Pitty you.

Well first I'd like to start with my day today.
It was the Indian Wedding Today. I wore a Chudidaar and Juties. It was nice, I attended a Marrige after So long. My sister got Married to a Firangy. haha So she's happy I guess. It got a little annoying in between when We didn't get food till the South Indian Lunch was served.
Was really tierd, So came back and Slept, a Lot :D

So This evening, I was just going through something, Well that something I go through very often.
I'm aware about a lot of things here, So, It wont be a Shock to anyone in person.
So, She actually, COPIED this whole thing I do.

Mind It, Blogging is something you keep to yourself, or to your friends who like to know whats actually going on in your life.
It isn't somthing you should Flaunt about to everybody. If you can write well, Everyone will Figure that out anyway.
How can YOU go on Impersonate and for a matter of fact, Copy what someone else notes down in THEIR Blog ?
I mean, Tell me the purpose? It Doesn't make you any cooler or intelligent, That is if you're a Big time Poser and you like copying and telling people about how Cool you are and so forth.

If you think thats going to work on people, Then Well, I have News for you,
It doesn't. Because sooner or later people DO get to know what you really are.
So Please, Please, Its a BIG request, STOP IMPERSONATING.
And as a fellow Blogger, I would never write someone else's needs, and experienced and emotions on my Posts.
Because I have my own to write, And YOU should certainly STOP doing it further.
Cause Everything has a proof, And also one more thing, Just don't read someone's Blog and get carried away. I'm sure if you're capable enough to have time to blog, Might as well make your own magic.
Because I'm Not liking it at all, And I'm very well aware you're reading this TOO right now and having that Gutt-breaking feeling right now.
STOP IT, Really.
I don't know you, So don't think I wouldn't know.
It Isn't that difficult to be yourself. So Please, Once again. Because I hope you don't want people to curse you every now and then. Do you?
Cause i will certain do that for sure, Theres no other way to take out all the frustration.
And I know YOU know that I know , Who You Are and I'm sure you know all about me.
Nothing Personal though, But just a request.

I don't Care to hoots WHAT you do and WHAT you copy, Just know one thing, I don't like you for what you have been doing.
And I know that doesn't bother you , I have my personal reasons for that too.
Thanks And I'm Looking forward to read you Blog.



  1. Btw the girl whose blog you are talking about doesnt look at yours at all and therfore can't copy, infact its me. She didnt copy you, instead I saw your blog and told her that something I saw on it might me a good idea for a post, she never knew she was doing the same thing as you, I never thought you would see. For this I am truly sorry and I have apologised to her because now she is sooo feaked out. She never meant for her blog (it was just meant to be a bit of fun for her to write) and now she has deleted hers and started a new one. I just thought it necessary to tell you that it was not her at all, please do not blame her at all.

  2. Well, Alright.

    Its okay. I'm Extremely Sorry if this hurt anybody.
    I was JUST got too Worked up, because this has happened before and I did not like it at all.
    I guess you figured.And Its alright.
    I apologize for freaking her out though.
    I freaked out myself. :/

  3. And, Can you like Pass her This Message,
    Tell her that I wasn't like Stalking her, It was she who was, That is how she wrote all that, Umm so please, Kindly tell her I wasn't abusive and stuff. So tell her to keep out of it. It was toally my Buisness to check, And its not a Big deal though. Thanks.

  4. Okay I will do
    Um well she didnt like look at your blog and copy I wrote the blog with her and thats why it was like so similar so I dont think she was stalking you but um if you have to be angry at anyone please be angry at me and not her, it was not her at all. Evrything that you feel may be copied is not her trust me, please. Yeah its not a big deal but I just felt bad that someone was thinking bad of her when its not her fault :P And sorry to bother you.

  5. Okay cool, im glad thats sorted just please dont blame her (she was acompletely oblivious :p)