Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Okay So, Here.

Dear Reader.
Currently I'm in Pune. Not really having a Ball though, But yes, Its a Great time off. And I'm sure its gonna be a blast with my cousins out here.
Okay So, The Best part bout Pune is, Everything is SO cheap. Like at someplaces.
I'm like a big fan of Chappals and all those pretty things girls want All the time, And Never get bored of Buying the same things again and again.
So that concludes, I'm gonna Shop a lot. :)
Hmm, So Things have bin Okay, As of Yet. They got a lot out of Track though, But I guess I'm Dealing with them quite fine. Haha, Very Surprising it is.

Shourya And I have been Having a lot of serious conversations. But at the End Our love is the best i'v got. And that is exactly the reason I tend to mention him in all my posts.
Cause he's the Most Important human to me.
Okay. So,

I was Hit with a news that made me feel like a twisted fork, Today.
I know One day when I'm Older and A mature person , I would look back, read all of this and Laugh at myself.

Yea so , He Likes someone else. After all he said to me about not wanting to be with anyone for a long time. He wants to.
He is going to ask her out , soon.
And when That soon comes, I would have to stop all of this waiting I'm doing.
All of the Dreams I have bin having all these nights. All of these notions and promises I have been making to myself, Just to believe , One day He has to come back.
But he's just making it Harder with every step I take forward, He's like almost Killing me with The Bloody Silence.

Well, I thought you would have some sense in you.
Actually you do, Maybe that is why you chose to run away.
You are Stupid, Very Stupid. But it will surely come back to you again Love.
It will. It's not a Curse.But I know How it does.
I Liked a lot of people in my life, But Everyone learns from Disasters. I made one Disaster, So I thought I just might help recover myself, And You.
It isn't my fault if you're being so Stupid. I'm not gonna be alive for a 100 years. Niether will you.
If you think thats gonna happen, And If you think You're immortal or something, Go ahead, And realise when you're like 99. I'll Still be here though. But I might just be ruthless again.
But just so You know, I have Many to love, And many to give Love Back to me But you're just loosing a lot , Not Me. A Lot of Love.
And Everyone Loves to be loved.
( Okay, Its getting real Mushy now)
I still Love you, And Like you said, " It will Die down", Well Here, Balls To You!
It's Never Gonna Die down.


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