Thursday, December 3, 2009


I would have Blogged earlier but Didn't really feel like so yea.:P

So this Best Friend of mine has started his Own Blog too,And I'm very Happy he has. Now I would be able to raid his life even more now :P
If I find anything that I don't know about him in his Blog, I would certainly Murder him :) <3

Here's the Link to his Uncertain Life.
I Love You. :)

So Yea where was I? How dumb am I , Two bloody days to go and I head to Puna. My grandparents Place, My Grand dad thinks I'm very Spoilt. He never lets me use the internet untill I scream and go out of the room, totally furious and Pissed Off.

Right now I'm listening to Incubus. They're way beyond great. "Nice to know you", So totally connects to my situation. But waaateverr it iss.
I had a Great Day with Amrita on 2nd. It was her Happy to you. It was Happy indeed. We went to the Movies in the Morning, Then to Def Col and then to Khan , Our favorite place, China Fare. We Love Chinese. So yea, We ate Chilly Prawns, They were So totally Yum :) Well I'm still Uncertain About staying there in Puna. I don't want to even though its very tempting and i REALLY need to go there.
There's no looking back. Talking about staying , I will if I have to. Shourya's Mom got me stuff from the US :D ThankYOUU Auntyyy :)

I would Like to List what all I want to do,or rather need, like really.

- Click weird Pictures with Shourya.
-Make Amrita try Hookah, She's 17 now for god's sake.
-BUY stuff.
-Talk to you, Yes you. you you you there ,talking to a girl till 2 in the morning, who's four years younger to you.
-Eat and Eat and Eat.
-APSO. Awwww They're So Cute.
-80 Gb I pod. ( HAHAHAHH Yea Right )
- Kick some one's Ass REAL hard. I will. I will.
- Money Baby.
-Learn how to Drive. ( Yes! My tiny feet DO reach the accelerator, the clutch and the break. )
- Hug D.
-Meet Natasha JAIN. Ugh. You. Gandi ladki.
-Trouble Anant Gupta :D ( Chidiyaa)
-Ganja With Anirudh -
and More Pictures with More people.-
Thank Yash for making me feel better all the time.
-Meet Tanmayesh, Get him to Noida and make him stay here, and ofcourse then Change his name.
So, The list doesn't end Yet,I'm just too bloody tired to write more, I know all of this was VERY senseless but my Blog is my New best Friend. Haha. Note: I Love You ,YES! YOU. Still. You Have all my time.


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