Friday, December 11, 2009

Update, Update, .


So, I'm Just going to start okay.
Yesterday, Was amazing Fun. Pune is Proving to be a blast, All my cousins and I are having the best time ever.
It was my Cousin sisters Wedding yesterday. It was something I would remember. All Of us dressed up our best and went to gather in everyone's happiness.
I don't have the perfect words to describe how well the whole event went.
She, The Bride look So Beautiful in that White wedding gown. Her Hair tied back up and that wonderfull moment while she walked down the Isle.
It was So Amazing. Very hard to imagine what it meant to her.
So Anyway, I wore A purple Dress. haha, And My first ever Black Stilatoes, I looked Bloody 5 8' . I had to walk so much , haha But I loved every second of it. I felt so grown Up. haha

Anyway, Leaving that, As the sun started to set, some of us went back home, I decided to go to my cousins Place.
Three of Us had our fun, Clicked lots of Pictures, Laughed, Talked about everthing going on, All those silly little talk about the guys you're running after and how it wasn't worth it. Haha It was great Fun Indeed. Having So much fun , I Missed all of my Friends back there in Noida.
Especially some. I can't wait to get back and give them their Gifts and packs of hugs.
So like in the evening there was this party, Like a Dance party.
After the Wedding. It was unbelievable how all of us Danced Six hours without a Break, Without food, Just Dancing like mad people.
We danced on Good and pathetic tracks. But Jesus, How much I danced ya.
The best and weirdest part was, My brother, HE DANCED. For like so many hours too, With everyone! I was all shocked and all.
We are all royally enjoying. Nivedita ( my cousin) We sneaked in some Vodka too :D
And as it is my brother was too Drunk to even notice that i was sharing and Finishing his drinks side by side . haha. It was GREAT.


I know I might sound too Girly right now, BUT I WANT TO WATCH NEW MOON. :P
Like really. Really. Not that I'm a fan or something, It's just bin too long since i'v watched a Nice, interesting movie. And Oh! And I surely want to watch Rocket Singh :D

Pocket Mein Rocket Hai, Pocket Mein, And I can Go on.
Today is Wangos Birthday, And I miss him so Much, That Brat. He was so Small when we got him, So Tiny and So Innocent. Salla Badda ho gaya ab. :(
Happy Birthday ,Wangy. I'm Getting you Dog buiscits From here.♥
Right now I can smell the tasty wiff of the chicken that is being prepaired in the kitchen.
Can't wait to grab some, And hog a little.

I surely don't want to go back for some reasons, I'm Liking it here.
The guys aint that cute here though, They're all like Normal. haha As if that matters.
Even though there were some in the Party, But they were my COUSINS. HAHA. How cheap.

So, Im gonna go, Hop.

Bye And Later.

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