Sunday, November 21, 2010

Give them a Voice. .

Things are pretty much in place now. This week I witnessed something real.
So my 4 month old Pup was sick. We didn't know what had really happened.
There is this place someplace near my House. Its called SPCA -( Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals )
Over there, There are people who are taking care of accidental cases, (Be it dogs, Cats, Monkeys or Cows ). There is ONE doctor, Thousands of Dogs( mostly stray), Two three more people who are assigned to help out.
I had been there before too, I had a stray pup who I had picked up from the road. Unfortunately, My father didn't let me keep it. So I thought I'd hand him over to an Animal Shelter. And here in Noida, SPCA is the only one.
So when my Pup got ill, We took him there because my Dad said we should, I was uncontrollably worried. He was really THAT sick, We took him there, I had to see this poor little baby go through so much..
He was on Drips and 20 injection everyday for a Week.
I did not like it one Bit. There was a time when the Doctors told us that he won't make it.
I was devastate, But I knew he would.
Hes a strong puppy, I thought. And Yeah.. He really is because hes recovering. And hes better now. But he still has to become his old usual self.. He doesn't bite my fingers anymore, he doesn't jump around in the house anymore.
I do really miss it, But I know it'll all gonna be good soon.
So yea, I was talking about the people working at SPCA.
Well, I really appreciate them a lot. They give so much for the Stray who don't have a home, who are ruthlessly been dying on the roads because of us shameless Humans.
I feel they are doing a great great Job, Cause not many people have got the nerves to do such amazing stuff.
I know it myself, I've seen it. . I Love animals, I love them so much that I'd rather just go stay in a Jungle or a place where I am surrounded by animals and not Humans.
When it comes to Animals who need help, You should selflessly HELP them, Because face it, They don't have a Voice of their own to communicate with Humans.. But their is reason why they exist, And you know They kinda complete the world..
Even though I'm a Non-vegetarian, I still think it isn't good to slaughter animals and fishes, They are delicious YES. But imagine, Their World is just a slaughter house.
Imagine you being taken away from your parents after a while of you being born and being killed.
Isn't that Sad? Yes we practice it. But whatever it is.. I think we should not hate Dogs or cats because they are stray.
They have a heart too, They understand if you want them around or not.
You shouldn't throw a Stone or shoo away an animal if it comes to you. They want to be loved too, If they're hungry feed them. It wouldn't do anyone any harm..
And also, If anyone sees any injured Dog, cat or any animal. Just don't think any further, Go ahead and help them, Go give them at an Animal shelter, Feed any stray dog that you see around where you live.
Make the world a Better place for them to live. Like people get self-satisfaction by helping the Poor or helping each other, I assure you, you'd feel amazing If you have creatures who love you for giving them a chance to be happy.
Give them a Voice, Give them a reason to be around..
They are not a waste of Flesh. They are amazing creatures..
They really are.

-Tanmaya Bhatnagar.