Tuesday, December 29, 2009

09 Goodbye.

Its bin SO long I haven't opened my Blog myself. I just got very distracted and every time i opened the link to my blog, I would just get disgusted about something and NOT write a thing.

Well, So I'm here once again to bug you all.

Dear Readers,

The Year is coming to an End. 365 days gone by. Many very unexpected events, So many weird things, Things Lost, Things Found, Realizations, Mistakes, Insecurity, Fights, obsessions, Habits, Feeling sad, feeling lonely, Trust, feeling Strong, responsible, greed, selflessness,desire, wants, and SO SO SO much more. Like a Whole bloody package of Life.
Now i realized how much you should respect someone who's elder to you , because anyway you can't deny the fact that they DO know much better than you do, They've bin through every day you've though was the worst, The Best,or be it anything. You feel it now, And They'll just understand. You'll just be too stupid if you think they wont understand you.

Anyway that's besides the point.
No, I wouldn't say i want time to stop here and all that, because stuff isn't that great anyway, And yes Time is only here to travel and NOT wait for us. Anyway nothing is permanent, Not even permanent hair straightening :(

Sounds so Cruel. Like not-so-permanent-happiness. We are not permanent ourselves. We are here just to get worn out.
It really is a funny thing. Less time and so much to cope with. Really not so satisfying.
I still don't have any clue where m i gonna go this year to have a happy ending to this year.

Its finally ending, Phew. Time Really flies, Really fast.
And Things really really really really drastically change. You just start thinking the other way you know.
Once you want to give up and STILL you want to hang on. And hold on for so long.
Its just devastating. It takes your every breath away.

Anyway, I'm pretty fine yea.
Before This year ends , I would just want to make some people a part of my Post because they've all made it possible to make 2009 just about Something.
Shourya, You Rascal. Yes, Everybody Loves you.
Amrita, Tu sahi hai.
Tanmayesh, My weird named, Really COOL Best friend.
Natahsa, Where are you lost? I would really LOVE to talk to you :@
Anant- Who thinks I dont care, But yes I really Do. ( Kuttappa ) :P
Anirudh, Mera Pagla Bhai.
Bharat, A VERY BIG support in the days when i really needed A TEDDY BEAR. Thanks So much.

I dont know im so bored of thiss, Blaah

I love you yea and all that bullshit.

Wishing you ALL a very Happy new year, And I hope everyone gets there own part of happiness and ofcourse, Love.

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  1. This made me feel good,
    The best thing is that I love you.
    Very much.