Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time's sucha mean machine.

New Year Resolution, New Year Resolution.


Okay so I'll talk a little more about myself here again, So like all of the whole world knows, The year is coming to an End just like all the other gone years have, This ones going too.
And to be very very honest, It hasn't really bin a pleasure living so outsourced.
But anyway, Time is like never ending, OMG, I just discovered something really PERMANENT. TIME. Weee, Time, Yes Time, Tum bure ho. You are unstoppable, untouchable.

So, Here I go. And I'm not really sure I'm gonna stick to my resolution's.
But, Yes I shall try my best.

One, Touch something known as Books. Its almost bin years since I've bin in contact with them. ( haha I feel like such an Idiot).
Two, Become little more sensible, Or should i say, I really have to start working on my Brain a bit.
Three, STOP SMOKING so much. I mean i never used to till this year ended. Three packets in a month, Wooh!, M I really THAT addicted to A god damn life destroyer?
Four, Its bin three months now, And there's STILL no sign of you, Where are you dead? Not that i care, But its just that you're still so much in the air. I mean NOW if i see you anywhere, Its gonna be like lightning striking the shit out of me. That would hurt so much more then.
Where ever you are, I mean it, WHERE EVER , I want you to be the happiest. And i want you to be perfect. And Have a Very happy new year. We're Oceans away but that's not too far away. I really Need to Move on. So im gonna be Stronger. And just DO IT.
Five, I have to go to gym, eating SO much is going to get me, I WILL have fat on my body,loads of it,soon. hahah
Six. The whole thing is that ke "Bhaiya Sabse Badda Rupiya" Haha I just felt like saying that because im so broke :( So will have to make my parents happy enough to grant me lots of pocket money.
Seven, I have to STOP believing in people too. I get too involved. I have to Stop. And not look at Boys and say " Hes so Cute" and later go on talking about him.
I have to FIND another you.
Eight, Start with my Book Writing. Yes! very Weird, But Ya I want to write a book, And I am going to, That will be like the wisest thing i would do for myself.

AND NOW Im going, I had to satisfy myself in letting my feelings out here, Cause My blog is my Best friend :) . HAHAHA. I'm totally so Weird.

p.s - The Window Is Still Open, You.

Once again, A very happy new year, not so much for me though. But Sure I shall think positively.



  1. For someone who sounds like a 4 year old, you don't write that bad. I'll help you out with the 8th because you really do need punctuation lessons. You know how to write but not how to present it.
    You forgot one, LEARN TO ACT.
    I'm proud of three. You're already close to two.
    And six will get cut out once you've completely achieved two. Money is the worst drug ever. Seven, best of luck.

  2. writing a book?! ... Nice!!
    and the ps part? :P