Monday, January 11, 2010

Collecting thougts.

Dear Readers.

So New years was pretty fine. Danced pretty much. Didn't drink though. HAHA.
Its good that didn't. I would have ended up on the terrace or something. Its weird. But hey, My heels did a great job. I looked tall. Just like every one else. haha. But when I like reached home, My feet were almost paralized :/ haha.

err,Anyway. I've lost interest in my Blog suddenly, I don't know why though. But what the fuck, Its okay.
It really has helped me make a difference and also sometimes it made a huge mistake too.
My fault. Sure.
So here we go, Its 2010. Another year, Another pain. haha Just kidding. Its good. Even though I havn't achieved much. Im still greatful that I can see the morning sun and night sky. :)
I have bin promised by Anirudh that i'd get a Puppy soon :D
Thankyou. And Oh oh! Tanmayesh, You're letter was too good to be true. I loved every bit of it.
Shourya has bin prepairing a lot lately. Only I know what it is like.
Shourya baby, Don't worry. It'll be worth it, All of it. Your love , your time. It will be. Im sure. I wish you all the love and luck in the world.
Just hold on and be strong with every step you take ahead to tell her how you feel. I love you, Always.

So,Amrita and her Boyfriend are going to complete 7 months on 24th. And i wish you many more to come. :)
And today is wango's 6 month Happy to you.
You're still a brat who eat my feet, still i adore you to bits.

Thankyou, And im gonna go learn some cords to a song.
Yes, Im learning the Guitar :) How cool is that. haha

Bye , I'll keep you updated. Promise.

AND ALSO,I made a Sketch, My very first Sketch. I never knew I could Sketch before. But whatever, haha bye.

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