Friday, January 22, 2010

When you know, Nothing.

When you don't know where you want to be. When you don't know what you want to do. When you don't know who you are. When you KNOW you are about to mess yourself up.
Its just what you call, Being helpless. When life makes you beg for the happiness you deserve to have. Life becomes ruthless than ever. When nothing goes right, Not even your hair.
When you have all the possible ways to express, But you're still buried beneath. When people around you are promising you that it would be the same again , And you're thinking about it, Still they're leaving you behind.
When you are blinded with every thought that makes you feel real again. When you are smiling from the outside and inside its a hell lot of emotions, rumbling and tumbling to flow out and away.
When you're leaving to meet someone and feeling happy about it, But thinking why can't it just be that someone you really want to see. When you know he won't smile back whether you like it or
not. When you know hes talking to someone right now who makes a difference in his life, Who is an actual part of his life. When you know its no use going on, But you're still holding on to the end of the thread. When you know there's a dead end further, But you're still walking and running, just to feel the happiness about you doing your best to capture his smile, His eyes.
When you want him to Jump and fall into you , But he's already gone and made a life of his own.
When you know you're never gonna stop trying. When you know you're always gonna be there even though you made yourself unreachable to him before. When you know Hope is not what you are living for. When you know its him you are living for. When you know, You like everything about him, But still, you tell people around you to Shut their pie hole when they mention about his wonderful eyes. When you know, The day you see him stand right next to you would be the Happiest day of your life. When you know, Standing so close to him would be like a dream you dreamt of last night. When you know, People around him Hate you so much that they would never want you to be the one who told him, You love him. When you know, Theres no one in the World who can help you , But you're still talking to every soul that knows him And then you realize, You know him By heart.
When you know every song that you head, You want to sing it to him. When you know, When your phone rings, It would never be him. When you know, He only wants to be your friend just for the heck of it. When you know, when you sleep tonight, You're going to dream about him. When you know, Hes the further-est away And you're still thinking he wouldn't be so far away some day.
When you know all the steps up to his door, But you don't go there anymore. When you know, NOTHING will ever be right again, When you know, Hes never coming back. When you know, You love him more than you have loved anyone or anything. When you know, Nothing on planet earth can make you smile, But just Him.
When you know , He's never going to believe you. When you know, You have nothing else to say . When you know, You leave your window open hoping he'll come in with the Rain.
When you know, Hes never going to read about his Importance in your life. When you know, He's not going to be the person you always wanted to be with. When you know, Hes never going to give you a call in the middle of the night just to say goodnight. When you know, You have nothing else to mend , But your Heart.

You lift my feet off the ground, Spin me around.
You make me Crazier.


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