Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Greetings fellow people.
How are we today? Good? no? Okay :)

These few days have been exhausting. And weird too, sadly. The only things i did were skip school, Get slapped by my father, And sleep in the washroom for nothing else i could do.
I'm just wondering how things just happen at a short notice. I mean, Wow seriously , Living is pretty unexpected.
You're happy about something now, And you're devastated the next minute.
Unbelievable , yea.
I'm Happy. And also not so happy either. Even if i die today, I'm the only one who will regret. Elsewhere, It'll be just a matter or a few weeks and I'll be forgotten .
Ew, I sound Emo don't I ?
Forgive me. I'm hating the atmosphere around me these days, just a few things keeping me up and about, thankfully.
I am surprised about how things can also come your way sometimes :)
I don't miss you D. At least not today. So, Go hop.

Anyway, Kohli needs to get over himself and he needs to Grow his hair back :)
Amrita left me, she's out for a movie. tssk tskk. Buri Baat.
Shourya is in love, possibly. [ he's not like me that he'll change his mind after 3 months)
Happyyy Birthday Utkarsh. May you stop getting so horny like you do.
I'm confused as ever.
And lets see if the upcoming events excite me and I would thus, Be happy :)

I will not update you often now.

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