Sunday, October 18, 2009

Erase us.

Dear readers,

Like you can see I used to post at the speed of light, Now i don't case like i told you i wouldn't update you often now.

These few days have been different. Diwali was sucha bored, Except for the whole getting drunk at night and sleeping part.
Very unexpected things happened, The ONE person who i was totaly close to has disowned me and wants me to continue my life without him. Why can't things be stable? They're always so wobbly and unkind, just like god.

I have no clue what has happened, It has hit me like a big yellow bus. And THIS cannot be reversed.
Now, Anything that happens around me is never going to make any difference to the part that has already been rubbed off. It's sad and suffocating.
I feel Ugly, Ugly from within for having sucha fucked up Luck. I would link my life to dishonesty , Cause that's all i want to do now, Being honest to someone is the ugliest mistake.

Who so ever I am talking about told me not to write about him here, But what the heck, You disowned me, I can do, Whatever. Cause as it is IT surely woudn't make a difference in your eating habbits or sleep.
I would just want to say a few words to you, "Dude, Die before you forget about me".


Fuck yourself.

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