Monday, October 5, 2009


So, here i start. Today.
I havn't been to school at all, it's been more than a week. As for my super clumsiness which striked me again while i was in the washroom. I fell and sprained my back like a bitch.
Hence, My bed is being really supportive and giving me facinating company. Frown*
Currently, I'm just wondring how facebook has taken over people's life like a black magic spell.
People are hipnotized as shit. And im a victim too. :)
I love you Amrita singh and Shourya Malhotra, for being my best friends since the time i hit puberty. :)
Natasha Jain , Siddhant Kalra for being so supportive and loveable.
I don't know what i would do without you humans.
Well, today is a bad day.
Not much happening, and i don't really fancy going to school either.
I truley, completely LOVE the weather cause its rainy and dark.
Now there's hot coffee and some biscuits to chew on. :)
I'm phoneless since a month yet fucking again. It sucks not to have a mobile and not being aware of which bitch is doing what :p
It's raining AGAIN. WEEEEEEE :)
So where was i ? Yeah. I'm gonna go hop now.
Update, later.



  1. It has not been a month yet You exaggerator.And start using the shift key.

  2. Seriously, start using the shift key. It's hard for the eyes. But, pretty cool otherwise.

  3. I don't know how to use the damn shift key.