Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hello, Poeple of this weird world.

I coudn't come online last night. Went to this diwali mela again, haha.
But it was so much better and classy. My life isn't sucha of a bling that i could stay there till 12 A.m like the other kids.
But well, it was nice. I saw the guy who i thought would end up coming there too. So, i was happy and so was he. haha. I think.
He looked so fine. I looked like a complete weirdo. But in anycase i couldn't talk to him and it was already time for me to leave. Dad was calling me up to ask where i was, since i hadn't told him that i was there. So i fucked my case with my own hands. I reached home, and my dad asked " How was the mela?" I went all blank realizing it was my time to run. Haha
And so I did, Ran to my room and locked it :D I'm so freaking clever.
Siddhant was drunk yesterday, And i wasn't. Boo!
Haha. I'm sorry Siddhant if i hurt you man. You're amazing. :)
And you know what you did yesterday, Was so sweet,you lelft all your friends just to come drop me. Love.

Tell you what? This guy Kohli. Is so very cool. It may suprise you, If i write down his name.
It is classic, trust me when i say this.
Don't you think Kohli? Well his name and my name has this weird connection.
Mine is obviously Tanmaya, his name strats with mine, Finishing to be Tanmayesh.
How fucking cool is this.
Anyway. I didn't really have a nice nap last night but i still woke up at 7, Just to show my parents i woke up to go to school. Which i didn't. School isn't really fond of me, nor m I. Balls to the school,literally.

My dad gave me this big big lecture about my life being all cluttered up and not so organised.
He is a little confused though, He thinks I'm big enough to understand, But i'm still a kid.
What?Hello. I'm 16. I know i hide in the bathroom till it's really late for school, But it isn't so bad afterall. Haha. I DO succeed in the end.
I think Im going to fuck up this year in my final exams. And thats not cool.I know.
Forgive me, Who so ever tried to read all the stupid events that took place during this day.


  1. Don't get a swell head over the clever part. You're bound to run out of it. I do.
    HAHAHA! Guess what. I completely forgot to tell you, I did the bathroom thing for tuition, but sadly didn't succeed.
    And awwww. HAHA! Aww my ass. And actually this dude, Tanmayesh, your name falls short of his. You got it wrong. But, from whatever you've written I bet he's a dick.

  2. My first time in ur world. came through fb..
    interesting. i mean the mela and everything. personally.. i dont anyone u do.. so cannot really comment on anything u wrote here..

    P.S.: looking forward to some of ur amazing work (: tc