Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When everything turns you down , You're still a happy human being.

Good day Reader's.

I'm here after some very bad moments in these few day's. Though I don't want to recall all of them but yeah some are just way too much for me.
Happy events took place too, But why do always the bad one's follow?
I got Shourya back , THE happiest event. I mean i thought that was it, He's gone like all the others who have been unfaithful .
We sorted it out and I'm sorry for destroying your Diwali, It was nothing close to Fun without you, Trust me.

So, The evening with the guy who i thought would never turn up to me, was amazing.
I don't want to say a lot, I'd rather keep it to myself. :)

I have been thinking, not many people care about what you really go through, I mean even if you say so. You're just another human who wants something that is good only for you.
I have been like that too. Selfish, Yes.
Even though i feel like shit when people act pricey and selfish, But i'v heard people call me that as well.

I have been getting criticized by a bunch of people these days, and mostly by the people I don't know at all.
It's foolish, But i guess that's what i deserve.
And I just want to face those funny people and ask them what they know of me, They can't just go ahead and talk Bull crap about me.
Being called a Slut is NOT what i can be proud of. It's funny how they think i'v had 15 or more boyfriends and i fuck around with them.
They think, That's all girls know.

Well, you're wrong, Go take a hike.
Tomorrow I'll call your Sister a Slut and you'll see how she cries.

My mind is distorted at such a level that i couldn't possibly even think of telling what I feel right now to anyone.
A friend says stuff to me that I could never imagine. All this while he told me about how he cared for me, This is the infinite time someone said something they didn't mean.
All this Forever and always crap is just pig shit.
People are no less than Monsters with no feelings to express. Taking someone for granted is as easy as cheating in a test. But what about all the Guilt that is left behind?
I'm sure you're going to regret a lot, For once just get over the fact that you can't just go on judging someone and making them do things you want.
I'm Happy. And NO one knows how a person will turn out to be later in life, YOU were surely not the person i could ever trust now, or in future. No wonder we fell apart all the time.
I'm saying it again. I'm happy for some reason, even though i feel fucked up about what people have to say about me, They can go ahead and speak. It doesn't really matter.
How can someone be so jealous of someone's happiness, It's a different thing if you don't care. You say you care, And there you go. You have wonderful things to say, About how bad my life is going to be? Jesus! I should worship you, Mother fucker.

This is it, the time has come. I'm taking no more of this.

I would just want the bastards to know about themselves before they go ahead deciding what my life is going to be, Good or bad. You're surely not going to be a part of it. :)

Note For Kohli : Get back, Wake up. Where the FUCK are you lost? This is the time i need you most.

Thank you All for sparing your time for my unwanted story.

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