Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'll just leave it saying untitled.

No, I wont start my post by greeting you by saying formal crap like, Oh, Hi, How are you ? Good? Doesn't bother me :)
Haha, Okay, Really, Doesn't.

Anyway, So, What do we have here? A lazy bum who has practically started going to the Gym and working out. :O
* Sneezes and cries because of the pain in her lower abs*
No, I'm not showing off. Its just been three days :P
I don't feel like posting anything, Cause I have nothing to tell you people about. Oh maybe I do.
I don't know, These past few weeks, Have been so unpredictable. Well, Holi did nothing but it sure did wash away the unreal colors on peoples faces.
What am I talking about ?
See, I'm just trying to talk like a mature 20 year old, So that you don't feel I'm passing my time and pretending to be something I'm not. I'm just relating some shit to something else that would make you think I'm too deep for you people to understand, Hence that will lead you to think, I'm cool and superior, When I'm just a pussy trying to fool you with my cool-ness THAT doesn't exist really.
Okay, So, I'm going to be a girl here, for a while, So bear with me?

There are these girls,Who I see around. They must be like 12-13. They act like they've seen life, They have the freaking balls to tell someone who is 4 years elder to them that they're immature.
I mean, Excuse me? Your mini hot pants ain't going to make your brain stronger. Your highlited hair isn't going to prove you're not Blond.
You're attitude isn't going to prove you're intelligent when you're failing all your subjects in 7th Grade.
Anyway, Just a little something to all those Kids, I maybe just 3 or 4 years elder to you, But my boobs are better off than yours. My eyes have seen much more than you, Next time you do shit. You're going to be out on the streets, Naked with all your truth.
Have fun soaking your indecency in the sun. :)

So, I'm gonna go eat some shit
You guys go have illegal sex.

Bye :)

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  1. Haha. Such a cynic you are. Just like me. But, obviously less mature. :P (I'm not 12, hot pants don't look hot on me, and I hardly remember 7th grade). So, I'm allowed. :D
    Excellent pitch, abstract post, almost made it punctuation = I'm semi proud. (not enough for boobies)