Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seventeen, :)

"I'll leave when the wind blows, Take a breath and away it goes".
The line's from my favourite song these days :)
Ok, Im gonna start like a cheeky little girl who screams and shouts like weirdos when something happens that she didn't expect.
Oh my Goddd :D
My birthday was Amazinggg :)
Thanks to some great people in my life, Though it wasnt the best, Only because some people whi I expect to be there weren't there AT ALL.
But whatever it was, I felt weird cause I was all drunk and shit the whole time.
My birthday started, I was drunk, It eneded, I was drunk and stoned aswell.
Haha what else did I want. Umm, Maybe some nice cake. The cake was horrible by the way. And I didn't get to eat a lot of food either. Bhenchod mera he birthday tha and Anirudh stuffed cake on my face in a way that I didn't even get to taste it. I'm still picking out cake bits from my hair :/
But the thing is , That is wasnt so bad after all, Maybe because I was so drunk, I was happy. :/
Haha, Thankyou everyone who were there drinking with me, and laughing with joy , And whoever cried its okay :)
I gave you company for some seconds too. Haha but I ended up laughing again.
Major fuck up in the end, But its all good. I guess.
I'm seventeen now. Like, Where does all the time go ?


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