Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomorrow is a different day.

So, What does being alone exactly mean? Like, keeping aside the people who think when someone feels alone means they're just wanting to fit into the emo image. Trying to figure this out, I've lost all my patience. Like all of it. Questions arise, Why does someone feel alone when there are a million people who want to be with you, wants you in weird ways. When creatures like dogs, mosquitoes love being around you, No matter how bugged you get when they want you.
Why don't we understand the simple saying, " Life is beautiful". Why are there so many obstacles that stop you to feel that way? These questions always stay unanswered, And they always will. Why ? See, here comes another question, ,another confusion, Hence another obstacle.
People say , You're born alone and one day you'll die alone too. Then why so many relations that make you love what you are? Why so many obstacles to cross to surivive something that is going to cost you death in the end ?
I'm suprised how I get the time to sit and think about all these things that would just lead me to some place where I would loose myself and I wont know how to come back. But yet, I think cause these questions really bother me.
I am a strong believer, That the force that people worship , GOD. Does not exist. So when I really get down to think, Who is going to answer all of these questions that don't have an answer. Cause well yeah people believe, If nothing goes right, If you dont have an answer to something, Ask him, And he'd give you the answer, He always has a solution. Does he ? Really?
I'm not proud to be an Agnostic. Yes. But I just don't believe.I don't believe in him, I dont believe in religion. I have my Reasons.
Anyway, So today, After months I felt alone, for real. Though its a very normal thing to feel alone, But this alone is not good sometimes. This alone is when you don't want anyone to know you're feelings alone, cause they might just take you wrong and say to themselves," What the hell, Attention seeker". That is what pisses me off. When you are actually feeling lost theres no one who would want to hold your hand, And you would want to be all alone, to yourself, But yet you'll expect someone to come ask you if you're okay. Why ?
Why do we expect so much ? Why can't we just hide behind the curtains? Or why can't we just stand on the edge of the montain and expose ourselves to the world ? Why is there this platform on which you want things and you don't want them at the same time, But you stil expect?
You're not happy when you get what you expected cause mayeb you wanted more. You're obviously not happy when you get nothing that you expetcted.
How I wish life could have been these two long thin parellel ropes that could never get into each others way. Nothing to expect, nothing to give away, Just you and a parellel life going along with you.
Well, Unfortunately, That could happen in some fantasy world of mine. So, I was thinking, Why am I still single? :P
Haha,I'm sorry,So out of the topic.

Goobye with a sweet flying kiss.
P.s- Completely pointless post, I just wanted some time with my blog. I want it to be a little full of thought so yea.


- Tanmaya Bhatnagar.


  1. *obstacle

    But, I as your tutor forgive you, considering the deepness of the post. The parallel rope example is just out of the world. Seriously.

    I'll tell you a story (it's not mine) :

    God: I refuse to prove I exist as, as proof denies faith and without faith I am nothing.

    Man: But, creating such an intricately designed world is a dead giveaway, t proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. QED.

    God: Oh dear, I hadn't thought of that.
    (And with a poof of logic he disappears.)
    (And man going for an encore tries to prove that black is white and gets himself killed at the next Zebra Crossing.)

    I'd hate to have a deep conversation with you, I'm a terrible cynic, and I love you too much to contradict you.

  2. Thank you for guiding me with the spellings and punctuations.
    Thought I seriously need to learn.
    I know , When I went through the post again and again I realized it is actually pretty deep. :/
    It made me think for hours.
    Thank you.

  3. Hahaha! Why so formal?
    You do know who I am, right?

  4. Life can be one Bitch! But then, I find beauty in that life itself. It's challenging. It makes you think. It makes you want to become a daredevil. It's just so full of you and yet so different from you!

    Loneliness is transient but then it passes gradually. And once you're over that phase... you have a LOT of experience which makes you different from everybody else around you!


    If today, you feel that you're all alone even when people want to be around you then thats fine.. you just need a little time with yourself... trying to figure out what You want out of your life...expectations can never end! But then your mental setup makes it easy to appraoch each of them one by one!


    You're still 17.. you'll be great!
    Take Care

    PS: Opinion open for reconsideration! (:

  5. You have started blogging my friend.