Monday, March 8, 2010

Here and Back.

Woww! Its been so So SO long since I've been here. Writting my blog.
I missed you so much my best buddy. So much :)
How is everyone ? Good, I hope. Cause I've been in all kinds of situations these past few days.
There was nothing special about this month or last month though. But it was fun on the other hand.
Shit, I feel so weird. I feel out of touch. Dude :/
Anyway, No need to worry, Im back here again. Without sorrow, Without any regrets, Without crying for stupid people, Without that jack ass ofcourse :)

So, Just now before I started writing the new post, I read one of my best friends Blog. And there I saw no trace of me. We were like a little out of touch, Because of me ofcourse, Main chutiyaapa karti hun, Varna main toh main nahi hungy. But anyway, I was going through his posts like a weirdo, like I was stalking him, I was finding something, My eyes were dying to read my name , I was wanted one thing to be there, That I have been missed, And guess what? There was no me:/ . Baaki sab the. Bhenchod?
Abbey yehh kyaa hua be.
I mean, Practically speaking, I went away so that he could miss me a little :/
I won't lie dude. But Shit! That hurt. But I love you shit loads anyway :) :)
Anyhoo, theres no reason I should get angry cause ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN ANOTHER THREE DAYS.
What fun :)
Shourya has his boards , Yash has his boards, Rishi has his boards, Mast bhenchod.
Koi nahi ayega :)
What the fuck should I be excited about ? oh yea , I knoww, FOOD :)
Theres always tasty food on birthdays and its my birthday so , FUCK you whoever wants to hog on my food :/
Coming back to the "fun" I've had this month,
Gotten along with some people I never thought I would. Met a guy who totally made me feel so wanted after SO SO long, But in the end woh madarchod bhi chorr ke chala gaya :)
Went on night outs, Sneak outs, Booze and everything else that could make you forget a lot of things, Even people.
I can't freaking believe, Its my birthday in three days. Like I still remember last year, It feels so weird. I mean, It feels like yesterday man.
All the friends that I had. Like FUCK dude, Changes are pathetic.
And thats exactly whats been happening here, helloo.
Bhenchod. Kya life hai , Everyone has a story. There are like so many weird things in my life right now, that its hard to fucking believe that its possible.
I'm unhappy about so many things, But yet I wake up every morning and spend rest of the day properly :/
I cry but I smile wayy more than that. Like , Its like a worthless feeling. Feeling something for nothing.
And I'm so dissapointed in myself, I've let myself down for things that don't matter.
And to be honest, I've been chasing the WRONG people, like very wrong people, They are so not worth it.
Jaao Bhenchod ma chudaao, Lekin mere paas mat aao, This is what I feel like telling them. I feel like punching them in the face, Kicking them in the ass, Throwing them out of my life like they have always, and NOT forgiving them for nothing. Thats one fucking thing I cannot do.
I can forgive anyone. No matter WHAT they do to me. I'll go like, Oh yeahh you're sorry ? Its okay :) and BOOM! I'm back to normal, NOTHING changes. But , but ,but. When It comes to mee, I am not fogiven, I am called names, I am to be blamed , and I am to be at the recieving end listening to BULLSHIT like, " OH! you did this, Im sorry but things cant be the same anymore".
APNI MAA CHUDAO BHEN KE LODO. Can you not be so immature for once? :)
I dont believe in god or anything but who so ever created me must have been like a Weird ASS man.
He gave me all the clumsyness in the world, All the cracks in my head, All the freaking bad luck, sorrow, all the kindness, ALL the stupidness, And mostly all the weirdness in the world. Oh! How i want to thankyou and FUCK YOU UP! :)
BUT bhenchod, I don't know why Am I so kind, Modestly speaking:/
Like, People think Im dumb. Dude, I've experienced way more shit than you man,
way more. Anyway, I'm drifting away a little.
Fuck, Seventeen years already :/ How Am I going to survive this year again?
Pata nahi kaun kaun aur ayega , Kaun kaun jayega.
Its scary, To see people come in your life, make memories with you and leave :/
I feel like screaming out loud right now, that i dont really give a fuck about stuff now you know. Im happy dude. Even though I cry for small tiny things, I'm back to normal myself after a while I dont need shit to calm me down anymore.
Like who gives a fuck anyway.
But still, Im not going to be mean, Its not in my blood :)
I'm still in Love with so many of my friends, Who've alway been here making me understand what a chutiya I am. :)
I love you all so much, and I don't love friends who Steal money :)
How ever it is , Im going to leave.
Like guys say , No women no cry.
Ma ki choot "You" humans are the problem. NO MAN NO CRY. Madarchodo!

Love, Peace and Happiness.


  1. Awesome.
    You seem happier. (:
    I Never Knew you could be sooo deep,Very Nicely written.
    And Can I Hog on your Food? please.


  2. The new blog link is

    And yeah, it's better than your earlier posts by a parsec but you've still got a long way to go. You're young deep, not deep deep.

  3. Awesome posts!!
    u've actually inspired me too .