Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear, Yash Dang.

Okay, Hello readers, Strangers, Bla bla.

Okay, So here I am fulfilling my promise. Though people do such things for people when its their birthday, Farewell etc etc. But I promised a special post to a very amazing person, So here it goes.

Yash, It hasn't been a long time since I've known him. But since the time I started talking to him, He seemed nice, And it was like everyone wanted him. haha
And hell yea everyone still wants him. :P
I would compare him to a plum planted on the worlds sweetest cake, And he being the PLUM, The cake would not-be-as-sweet-as-the-plum. Do you get it?
Like I can't compare you to nothing. I love you Yashy.
Yes I do :)
And you have been there when I had been crying for dumb fucks. HAHA you are the only guy friend ( except Anirudh) who hasn't ended up asking me out. So, Hence. I love you much more for that too. haha

Im going to write you another post, Promise, Cause right now I am sleepy. And
I know even if this is short, You are flying up above the world so high,like a diamond in the sky.

hahah, I love you Mouse-ey,<3

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