Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm not Done with you
It's not over yet,
I'm taking my chances here
You're really not easy to get.
Why are you Abandoning me?
Why are you running away ?
Why the hell am I reaching out for you?
What in the world will make you stay?
I have weird people around me
They have nothing but bad thing to say
I can't rip my ears apart
Why are they making me pay?
I look around, You're here
Just here, right next to me
But you're still looking towards the exit
Why ?
You wouldn't even have an answer, that's a sour part that I've hit.
I'm THROWING all my words around.
Like fucking bits of torn paper
And You still don't have a reason to come around.
Isn't it getting too old?
But i said, I won't let it die down
You said you missed me too
But I guess the tables have turned and its coming back around.
Questions asked
Looks returned
Is that all?
Please Go away
You're making me cry too much
Yea, I guess THAT'S all.

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