Thursday, November 19, 2009

It ends when you start.

Unexpected Events. So many of them. So many many emotions attached. So many words exchanged. Changes,They're like all over. All over the place. Scattered like cob webs.

Dear Readers,
All my apologies for not updating for so long. But I just couldn't collect my thoughts in one place. At the back of my mind I wanted to let go But it wasn't happening =$

Anyway, All I got on my mind is, Regret. It still here in me. And I'm trying too hard for nothing. Next month I'm leaving. Everything is gonna go by past me as i leave.
The person I'm in love with, Gone. My best friends, Gone. The togetherness of family, Gone.
And Why? Because, Things can't be normal. Can they ?Sweet baby Jesus, I can't fucking think of anything that can make it all fine.
This is going to end soon. Pretty soon. Yea.
I had gone to Chandigarh along with Amrita for a few days. Got my mind of some things fluttering in my mind. Well, I tried.
It was GREAT bloody fun. Traveled alone in a train. Yes! I felt independent :p

Next Month is going to be rough. Meeting people, saying the hardest goodbye, When you know you won't See each other again. Maybe. Never. Even though I have reasons to Stay. I will , If i want to. I'm not too sure. :S

Gaah, Its too Sad.
Well. Anyway. I just hope to be happy then.
I love you all out there . You S, Shourya, Amrita, yash, akk,Anirudh, Natasha, Tanmayesh,T, Tiwari, shar,saxena,Manyu, And it goes on.

:( Its just too grey out here for me. So I'm going to Stop here.

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