Tuesday, July 13, 2010

''Parents''- Living Gods on Earth.

Well, Hello there one and all.
I know Ive not got a lot of readers who like reading my blog here. There are probably more of haters and people who talk ill about what I write. Actully, that doesn't hurt you know. Not even a bit. :)
So, I just felt like blogging you know. Its been a few months now that I lost touch from the whole 'internet' and 'facebook
menis' haha, boy is that a relief.
Trust me,
You suree wanna do that sometime.So, I have been thinking a lot these days, I actually wanna talk about people who are irreplaceable. Who have the authority to say that they own you. Cause they earned it. They are people who make you believe in things that don't exist but they make you wonder, things like God and ghosts suddenly become the center of attraction for you. Its just amazing how they do it. Somtimes its just one, or they're two wonderful human beings who gave birth to you. Who proved thier love for each other and are gifted by a small,tender,beautilful, little human, You. (Excluding the fact that how not-so-amazing you turn out to be later). When you are born, Parents don't see how horny you are gonna get when you hit puberty,how much you are gonna expose being a girl,how ugly you might turn later on, But when you're a baby, They hold your tiny little baby finger from the very first day you learn how to walk, till THAT very day you step outside for your very first job interview. Com'mon, Parents are probably the most incredeble form of human beings Ive ever seen. They have problems too, but in the end you gotta Love them, cause dude, you owe them A LOT, for cleaning your bums and poop for years, for potty training you for crying out loud. Haha. Well, for me, however hard it might be to deal with parental pressure when you're a teenager, a 12th grader, A girl, They're always gonna be my inspiration, my pride, my strength,my back, and I, myself alone cannot repay them back for all the love they've given me. There are so many incidents that make you wish you never wanna grow up, cause when the day comes, the day you gotta leave those hands and walk away to stand up tall and proud, to make them proud for once, it'll be great, yet incomplete without that innocence and that one moment when your Father would hold your finger and lead you the right way.
It makes me cry thinking about how hard it would have been for my parents to see me grow up, even though they say Im wonderful, I'm sure they miss picking me up and putting me to sleep cuddled up right in the center. I miss that too you know, I miss being tiny, I miss being the center of attention, I miss being fed, I miss getting on my fathers back and going for a stroll while he told me stories. Theres just too much to wish for.
All I could say is, Love is too small a word to describe anything that could match upto the feeling, the affection they've given me.
I Love You Mumma, Papa. .. I hope you stay immortal, and I hope to always have you around. And thats about it..


  1. Err, "a", Would you like to reveal your Identity?
    Cause I wont really like you commenting on my blog unnecessarily.
    And just by the way, Theres nothing "lol" about this blog.

  2. I doubt you mean what you write.

  3. @Midsid - Well, Everyone has their own opinion, Still,
    Appreciate it.

  4. Oye kutiya! Kahan hai, be?
    Haha! All grown up, eh?

  5. Arrey! That still doesn't answer my question, kahan hai be?